Welcome to Annotate - Add a new dimension to your DocBook documents

Do you think it would be nice if visitors of your online documentation could add comments to it? If yes, you will probably like Annotate. Annotate makes sure that your visitors' useful remarks and suggestions don't go unnoticed.

What exactly is Annotate?

Annotate is a system that provides an annotation facility for DocBook documents. Annotate enables visitors of an online version of a DocBook document to add comments (annotations) to any paragraph or chapter of the document.

Annotate extends the DocBook XSL style sheets, leading to a modified HTML output which contains anchors at those places where annotations can be made. Comments and notes are stored in a DBMS. A CGI program then merges the HTML document and the comments to produce the output for the visitor.

→ You can see an online demo of Annotate by looking at the Annotate online documentation.

→ Annotate is licensed under the GPL and can be downloaded at the download page.

→ Annotate was initially developed at the Algorithms & Complexity department of the Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik.