Alfred J. Brettnacher
- Concert Organist and Entertainer -
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Alfred Brettnacher - Concert Organist and Entertainer -
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Alfred plays the Kristall organ live on stage, Boehm Festival October 1998

Alfred live on stage, Boehm Festival October 1998

Alfred plays the Kristall organ, Boehm Festival October 1998

DirkJan Ranzijn (NL), Tim Cooper (GB) and Alfred J. Brettnacher (D), Boehm Festival October 1998

I was born on the 28th of April 1968 in Merzig, which is a small city in the Midwest part of Germany near the border of France and Luxemburg.

Most of my family are very musical; my grandfather played the organ in church for many years and my father also plays the organ. My youngest brother (I have one sister and two brothers) is a very good pianist and he also plays the organ sometimes.

My father built a Dr. Boehm Model FnT organ in 1973 and I started to study the organ when I was about 5 years old, taking lessons from a private organ teacher. After some years studying the organ, I started to play the piano as well, but I had to stop after a few years because my teacher became seriously ill.

When I was about 14, I started to play at weddings, birthdays and other events and shows. Before that, my father and myself built our second Boehm organ, a Top Sound DS.

At 21 I moved to Munich/Germany and built my first organ on my own, a Boehm Multikey Orchestra Diamant 810 XL, which I played for about 8 years. In this time I updated this instrument to models 910 and 200 CT-M. I played for the Boehm Team in Munich at their events and I also built Boehm equipment for other musicians. I heard Barbara Dennerlein (she is Germany's famous Jazz organist) is using one of the Boehm Midi Control units I built. Since 1994 I am the Demo Organist of the Boehm Sound Studio Lutz in Kaufbeuren, one of the Boehm dealers in the southern part of Germany.

Early in 1997 I was offered by Boehm electronic in Bad Oeyenhausen the opportunity to buy a Multikey Orchestra Diamant 300 CT-M. The Organ is a famous instrument: it is the white concert organ played by Mark Shakespeare. I am very happy with it and I will keep and play this instrument always in honour of the late Mark Shakespeare. Early in 1998 I recorded my first album "Diamonds Of Music" with this instrument. Many thanks to my producer DirkJan Ranzijn and a special thank you to Janie and Rob Reynolds.

After an upgrade to the current model Diamant 350 CT in May 1999 (a big thank to the Boehm Engeneering Team, it is always a pleasure to play an instrument like this), there are planes for some more CD productions. In November 2000, I produced a single CD under my label TFM Records - Time For Music - with the songs "Ride Like the Wind" from Christopher Cross and "Jessie" from Joshua Kadison. The song "Ride Like the Wind" is available on the CD "Key Sensations Volume II as well and can be ordered via E-Mail as well at the OKEY!, which is the German magazine for Organ and Keyboard (URL see Favorite Link page). There was an interview about myself at the OKEY! edition No. 42.

In March 2001 I was in Aarup, Denmark. At the Blue Heaven Studio I recorded the songs for my second album "The Perfect Gift". Thanks to my producer DirkJan Ranzijn and a many thanks to Yvonne and Bent for your support (Manamana ... ;-)). We had a lot of fun, and for me it was very interesting too, because during my visit in Denmark I had two premieres. On March the 25th 2001 I played the first time live in TV at Peter Skram's show "Søndags Bingo", and on March the 27th 2001 I had my first Radio Interview at Radio 2000. Thanks to Kirsten and Brijane, the chocolate was super good ;-).

My albums can be ordered by E-Mail (alfred (at)

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Alfred J. Brettnacher - October 2010