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Due to the current limitations

the Concert - Premiere

- Flimmerkiste und Leinwand -

planed for Wednesday, the 9th of December 2020

will be moved.

A new event date will be announced as soon as possible

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September 2020

Music made by hand and foot
"With Alfred J. Brettnacher lives an absolute top organist in the commune of Karlsfeld"

An article in the newspaper Dachauer Nachrichten (only in German)

19th of August 2020

Cultural Portrait
"Alfred J. Brettnacher on his Organ"

Report in the JournalK of the commune Karlsfeld (only in German)

1st of August 2020

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28th of May
WebShop Alfred Brettnacher
WebShop Alfred Brettnacher

New Video online
I Like Chopin (Gazebo)
played on Sinfonia 480SE

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13th of May 2020


My Concert- and Show Instrument
(special custom made design editon)

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