- Equipment -

The following PA equipment is used for live performances

Böhm Expander Dynamic 12/24

Böhm Expander Dynamic 12/24
24 voices
5 Sound Banks
over 400 fm Sounds
(built by me in late 1986)

Böhm RackMix 2×5
2x 5 channels
(built by me in early 1994)

Böhm amplifier Stereo PA 150
2x 150 Watt power amplifier
(built by me in 1992)

Klingenthaler Musikelektronik
KME BS 1181 TC
bass speaker with 18″ speaker, double moving spool
and built-in stereo frequency crossover
2x 300 Watt at 4 Ohm

Klingenthaler Musikelektronik
2x KME CS 1102
Two-way PA Box with
10″ speaker and 1″ high frequency horn
300 Watt at 8 Ohm
Mounted on speaker stand

Mackie DL32S Digital Mixer
32 Kanal Onyx+™ Preamps
(16x XLR, 16x XLR/TRS davon 2 hi-Z)
with 4-band PEQ+ each, HPF, Gate, Compression and RTA/Spectrograph
10 freely assignable XLR outputs
8x AUX send pre/post, solo with 4-band PEQ+ each, HPF/LPF,
31-band Graphic EQ, Compression and RTA/Spectrograph
6 Stereo Subgroups with 4-Band PEQ each, Compession and RTA/Spectograph
6 VCA and 6 Mute Groups
4 Stereo FX Prozessoren
(Reverb, Delay, Chorus und Flanger)

24 bit/96 kHz Sampling Rate
32 x 32 USB I/O multitrack recording

Mackie Master Fader iOS
und/oder MacOS App

Mackie DL32S Digital Mixer
Mackie Master Fader iOS App

Sound Performance Laboratory
SPL DynaMaxx
Compressor / De-Compressor
Limiter / Noise Gate

Sound Performance Laboratory
SPL Vitalizer Stereo MK2
Program Equalizer

References of the photos:
The Böhm devices (Böhm Expander Dynamic 12/24, Böhm Rack Mix 2×5, Böhm amplifier Stereo PA 150)
are original photos from the official Böhm catalogues of that time. The photos of KME, Mackie and SPL
equipment were taken from the corresponding operating instructions or the website of the respective manufacturer.